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The beginning

once upon a time in the picturesque city of Zurich, Switzerland, a 27-year-old dreamer embarked on a journey that would shape the narrative of his life. with a profound passion for connecting with people and a creative mindset that knew no bounds, this story begins with a quest for understanding and expression. thus, aome was born.

                       just kidding.

but what about aome?

aome is my little side project. hi and welcome, i'm oguzhan, a 27 year young normal human being who wanted to escape the 9-5. Now I'm working 24/7, wow. After getting my master's degree in organizational communications in Zurich, the bustling streets of Tokyo lured me away, where tradition and innovation blend like a fine cocktail. on my way there, I found myself growing up with 4 languages natively, and picked up 3 other languages on the go (thanks, YouTube!).

in Tokyo, i realized the universal language of human connection. now, my mission is clear: to bring these stories to life on digital paper, helping individuals and businesses express themselves in remarkable ways.

join me on this Tokyo adventure where stories are the thread that binds us all.